Known Issues 9/20


Current Known Issues

  • Warp Mage
    • Warp Mage’s Shock-Ra Bolt does improper damage in some cases
    • Warp Mage Aspect defaults to Finesse during Portal Lords events
  • Guild Shop
    • There is a resolution issue on some devices.
    • The Scrip Fly-out UI can show the wrong value while using the Donate All Button. The correct Scrip is still distributed.
      • Workaround: Assigning quantity using the + and then the Donate button displays the proper value.
  • Brass Monk’s Projectile FX can linger on screen
  • Equipped Crystals not showing in Hero portraits on the Guild Menu screen
  • Having too much mail can cause ‘Collect All’ to not work
  • In the Dragon Shop and Trade Ship, Items can move after purchasing. Double check your intended purchase!


The red dot for undone tasks of tower doesn’t show up any more!
And on the side during the black market event that it said all items in merchant, dragon shop and trade shop are half off, had no effect on my shops every thing was normal as always. Great event guys!!
By the way, this is the most insulting thing I’ve seen in this game:
Either pay us money or get screwed. (Completely insulting us free 2 players in my opinion)