Known Issues 9/6


Current Known Issues

  • Known Crystal UI issue: If you have two of the same crystal, the bonus they individually display is the two values added together. So an 811+811 shows as 1622 and 1622, however the stats are still correct
  • Panther Stalker’s White and Blue Skills are currently still turned off
    • We’re working to get them turned on in 2.12!


You can do two of the same crystal?


Killer claw!!


Who screwed up this time?


I guess our guild needs to go back to normal difficulty.


Do we know about the twin issues? Or how about the new issues in war with the patch? Oh oh i know. Lets let things disappear from peoples inventory or set them back to level 1?? Someone is bugged now. Bow or dragon or both. Somethings going on and they arent active right in battles.


yeah aspect is a little off in fortress, Samsung using samsung s9+


and while I’m here. anyone else having the issue where if Twin and Owl Bear are left fighting each other Twin can’t kill Owl Bear and just hits, I’ve had Twin hitting Owl bear for over 1.2 million for over 50 seconds. If I could post a recording, I would give an example


Dungeon fight speed is like tourney super speed…


They know about that one. Apparently shield maiden is also involved.


Also on iPad.

Same issue, unable to see all screen-content, it is cut off at the sides.


So, I suggest that devs actually work on bugs instead of content and get attacked for it, and two days later devs release new content with new bugs.

Let me guess. Alpha testing is done by running spell check on the code? Beta testing is making sure the game loads with the patch and that’s it?

Screen size has been an issue since they reduced font size on defence teams long ago, so it’s not surprising they can’t work out that they resized a screen too big.

Please, for the love of god, stop releasing new content for just 2 months. Concentrate on bug fixes and use those two months to properly test not only each bug fix, but each new content addition.

It’s not that hard to get right


Dungeon speed isn’t a bug. And if it is don’t fix it. It’s finally as fast as it should be, teleporting from one side to the other is now instantaneous rather than 15 seconds on black screen.


I’m not talking about walking speed. I’m talking about the actual battle. which is fine when you’re in the earlier levels of dungeon, or in endless or boss. But in deeper levels of epic epic, it’s going to be extremely tough to keep the team alive.


Is just me getting old or are the other teams lvl numbers in fortress to small to see?
I’ve been sending tickets about it for so long that I forgot when we got them so small. Make them bigger like we had few months ago!


Looloo, Dungeon speed is normal except for the end of fight animation which has been sped up as its been requested so many eons ago and now implemented. With boots, again lots of users wanted the fights to speed up, as faster speed outside of fights was pointless. If you have boots on, simply turn off the fast forward button and you can fight as normal.


@Giant_Kane_VI It’s not your eyes. They reduced the size months ago and now you can onky read the numbers on a large screen.

They don’t actually care about fixing things like that. They only care about bugs that stop whales from spending


The speed in fights is too fast. I’ve worked around it, but yeah, now we either got snail or cheetah, we need a middle, for sure.


Perhaps your fight speed is still normal. Mine isn’t. I don’t even have enough time to toggle the ff so I can take advantage of the boots. i know the difference between the speed of the battle and the quickness of the end of battle animation. My actual fight speed is turbocharged. Like I’ve already said. More than once.


Just learn how to fight at turbo speed, or as the kids say, “git gud.”


The new changes to the drop rate is awful! It was already extremely grindy and now its even harder to get these items… i thought the update was supposed to help that.