Known Issues 9/6


Fights run at 3x (?) with boots, your not meant to be able to do anything as with auto in its over in few seconds. If your not stunned or silenced its a non issue. If you want to fight normally hit pause as soon as you go into a fight (it appears same place bottom left everyfight) then ff while in pause, then unpause. The improvement in speed is fantastic imo. Screens refresh quicker when teleporting, fights are quicker and end of fight nonsense is quicker. Well done per blue. Drop rates have decreased slightly but a worthy trade.


Why are they activated for defense in dungeon it causes the game to freeze and has to be force closed and re-opened multiple times to finish the level


Your talking about panther n twins glitches?


I must not use the heroes that trigger these glitches.
Score one point for free to play limitations lol


I love the speed. I finally feel I can get dungeon done in the time I have to play this game. Please, please, please leave the cheeta speed as an option. The rest of you who want to go back to the snail pace, have a consumable to slow down dungeon. That would be different.


@Square_Gideon_II Because they don’t know how to do that. It’s been like that since they were introduced. They only turned off user activation of the skill (I suspect also on user auto). Luckily most people took panther out of their line ups but twins are still used in and it makes crusade far less fun when it bugs out all the time


No, don’t tell them the boots of speed is something that needs to be fixed. It makes going through floors 10x faster. On the later floors just press the ff button off at the start to fight for regular speed & press it back to ff at the end of fight.