Lack of xp , trials

Would it now be a good time to just have quad trials as a permanent event?

Then run a double-quad trials event every 60-90 days on top of the quad trials. So x8 drops when event is running at a minimum.

So many people I know on all active servers now are surviving alone on quad trials for xp alone. The amount of stam required to be used to gain the amounts of xp needed for even 30 toons is becoming overwhelming an impossible for most people.

Please cater to all players, whether f2p or p2p the lack of xp resources is a big issue now. The best gain of xp comes of trials every other day. Maybe even open it so all modes are active daily too. Try it an get player feedback I’m sure it would be well recieved .

Its gettin worrying now when sat on 3 or 4 billion xp on s1. An you release 2 toons that would both require upwards of 500 million on each ,meanwhile trying to reserve whatever I can to be sure I can survive the next inevitable cap raise. This is what kills the player base of in short. The lack of resources and lack of change to improve quality of life for all players.


XP acquisition is rough. Everything else is reasonable enough to acquire. Trials and tower drops are no longer relevant to a players level. I think the drop rates need to change and new levels opened for server 1. Its been awhile! Even when XP shows up to purchase, it is less than gold (which is abundant in the game) and not enough to level even 1 toon.

Quad drops is helpful, and right now the only major way to acquire significant XP. But if done regularly we will run out of consumables to raid such an event. Bottom line is there needs to be a better way to acquire level-appropriate volumes of XP.


The following images are to highlight just how short changed we are an how impossible the game is becoming…
Even if I do the minimum to get progress rewards in upcoming contest it still wouldnt come close to the amounts required for just 1 of the 2 new toons

This also doesnt count for the xp used gettin the toon up to current level cap either

I think it should be quad drops as a permanent feature now . Then still run quad or even double events from time to time to help bump xp but also burn consumables for a better return

I have pretty much quit.
I will only upgrade levels and toons when I get quad trials.
It’s ridiculous otherwise.
Was a fun ride while it lasted. Literally nothing tickles my fancy about it all now.
To everyone else… Enjoy your grinding

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Agreed. XP is a massive problem. And essentially the only way to have even a passable level of XP is to use every trials reset when there is a quad event. The fact that everything is increasingly resource draining but parts of the game like tower and trials cap out and do not continue to increase is unfair to the players. With doing everything, it’s really hard to even level just the toons needed for metas and defense. And maxing attached essence is insanely expensive.

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Some time ago I opened a ticket to PQ, saying that the consumption of xp is disproportionate to what is necessary. They thanked me but I didn’t see any changes. Trial x 4, does not always solve the problem, those who do not have enough “trials chances reset” remain far behind …

Excuse my english

Baron Roy


Agreed , but it’s a start an a step in the correct direction. Trials resets are given out in relatively generous amounts and quite frequent. Most players hold on to to all of them that they gain until only quad trials is live. Theres really no value or point in usin them at any other time other than quads. Portal lords alone gives 13 resets. Weekly rewards, contests are also givin 5 . 30-40 resets is more than comfortable for a cap but players are now heavily reliant on these events to get though each cap. Every time we dont get a trials each month we lose yet more players


Well said Fanatics. Unfortunately everyone still always complains about PL :confused:

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tbh i am ok (not happy with, but ok) with waiting absurd amounts of time for a quad trails event. via PL, weekly rewards and seasonal war rewards you can hoard plenty enough trials resets to survive (survive, not prosper) until the next event. i guess it is easier for me as i only keep 55/60 heroes levelled, but my thinking is also that if you can spend to get all the stamina needed to have every single hero at cap, you can spare a bit to raid for XP.

for me, the problem is that the amount of XP you get from quad trials doesn’t scale with the amount of XP needed for an upgrade. the cost of an upgrade increases every cap, yet the drop rate of XP from trails does not. little by little, it gets takes more and more trials resets to survive… and that’s a problem


Agreed with Specs. I also don’t keep all heroes levelled so it’s not a problem for me either.

Regarding the cost of upgrade increasing and drop rate of XP from trials not increasing along with it - it would be less of a problem if we are getting more trial resets every cap raise, and it seems like that is happening right now. For example, we didn’t use to get trial resets often as part of contest progress rewards, now we do. Let’s hope it continues!

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Imagine if the scaling of hero skills actually kept up with the change in the game over the years. Like the scaling of skills values hockey sticked like enchanting did as levels increase. Specifically for heroes which have been released longer.
Would mean some old heroes would actually be useful. Meaning less need to keep investing in the new batch of heroes.
But yeah, that’s the design. Unfortunately.
Lack of resources is how it works.

Regardless of that, no new content means no new fancies to be tickled.