Leader Board Messages

I believe the leader of the Guild should be able to delete messages on the guild’s leader board. What do you guys think?

I believe that if you trust a guild member enough to promote them to leadership levels, you should value their opinion.

If you have a messy exit from a former guildmate, just spam singing messages until that person’s name finally falls of the bottom :slight_smile:

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To be faiiiir I am biased.

I have always hated the ability to delete messages from in game and in chat apps.

If you have something to say to me (or anyone else) then have the conviction to stand by those beliefs.

If a former guildmate uses inappropriate comments in game, there should be a flag option.
Or a hide option.
Where people have to choose to view what was said.

Orrrrrrrrr maybe a leader can mark a message to be deleted in 24 hours, once it’s been hidden.

So people can see that someone was out of line.
It’s hidden, so people have to choose to look.
And it will eventually go.

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I do value their opinion. Our Guild leadership is great. A few times their have been accidental message placed there or if a person leaves the Guild or things of that nature. My Guild speaks freely on it. Sometimes I like to clean my board as well.

As I was writing my thoughts, I remembered the times @SueyJitSu accidentally copy pasted stuff he was working on.

I do find it odd that the option is available some places, but not others.

If you can delete guild messages, then you should be able to delete leader messages, yes.

My preference would be for the flag status to have three options instead of two.

Flagged at the top
Normal messages after
“Bad” flagged messages at the bottom.

When a message is pushed off the board by new ones, bad ones leave first.

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Exactly, if you can delete messages on all of the other boards why not the leaders board. I wish that only a the leader could delete messages as well. I have Commanders deleting messages that should have stayed up longer so other could have read it.

D’aaawwwwww… I was in your thoughts :slight_smile:

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Pesky free will

It was a weird fap, to be faiiiir @SueyJitSu

Fap :thinking:

More words

I hate the word schlick

Diddle and fiddle sound wrong.

DJing and scratching… No.
Just no.


P.s. You rocked my world, BBDJ…


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I think we’ve gone off topic, to be faiiiir

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oh really?!

I blame Bob

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