Let us buy stams with diamonds fgs!

Ffs can’t do this contest with 0 stams >(


You can easily do this contest with 0 stamina

There is other ways to earn scraps
Like have you heard of dungeon?

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How about i dont want to dungeon and want to raid instead?

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If you average 30k points per floor which may be high or low per floor, it would take about 1000 floors to complete the contest.

Now while I hate complainers, this contest is excessive.


Turtle revolves his life around PQ, 1000 floors to him is probably his morning routine

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Tbh, 1000 floors isn’t hard
Have done a lot more than 1000 floors due to contests

But if you don’t want to do dungeon, then you can’t complain about how you can’t do the contest

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1000 floors times 120 second per floor is 33 hours.

I’ll pass but I have the stamina that others don’t to complete. Ended up costing about 2300 stamina packs

There’s about 200 players over 1000 depth in the dungeon, obviously people reset though.


Chapter 14.
1000 stamina packs.

But @Polaris see how many people are moaning that these tiers are too high.

It’s not just me

Sort it out for next time please?


I dont care about the dungeon mate and tbh yer being obnoxious.

Lets stay on topic, let me buy stams with diamonds so i can finish the contest!

No :slight_smile:

P t I a D b O e R r A . S

Btw pretty sure you wasted a lot of stam packs
You can easily get all rewards with less than 1000 stam packs

How did I waste? I used double drops and equipped my heros through level 170.

If you mean by wasting them, sorry can’t do that, free player.

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He meant everyone should have thousands of stam packs stored and that it’s your fault for not hoarding and using all your stam packs to progress your heroes and you should be ashamed of yourself for even remotely suggesting the devs should make stams available to purchase with diamonds we hoarded.


Agreed, we should be able to purchase stam packs.

Stam packs purchase used to be everyday, then couple of times a week… then once a week… Its Monday now and still no stam packs deal. What gives? Trying to make it even harder for f2pplayers devs?


Oh, I am sorry
Math is apparently very hard

But if you want your question directly to the devs instead of a chance for a dev to see this
Then ask your leader to tell them

Every guild in top 50, gets invited
And reaching top 50 isn’t hard, you don’t even need a full guild or even remotely close to good players to achieve it

What’s your problem?

Contests are suppose to be hard. Nothing should be given but what I believe it is showing is this game is coming to an end. Stamina for diamonds is the only way free players stay relevant. Taking that away won’t make us pay, it’ll just make more players leave which will end the game sooner.

On the plus side, we got two buys today!!!


1000 floors can be done in 9 hours if you know how to speed things up… :radioactive::sweat_smile:

Boots of Speed + 2x dungeon drop = easy

Theres that and then theres the *** **** **** ****
Hahahah i dare not say

OHLH is the first letters of that lot of ***

He almost said it