Let us buy stams with diamonds fgs!

With boots of speed it still takes about 2 minutes to complete a floor and get about 30k points give it take some points.

Even if it was 9 hours. No one has time for even that.

3 and a half day event… 3 hours per day in 30min intervals would be contest done
No need to do it all in one bulk load

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The Dungeon God has spoken

9 hours ± more or less, isn’t a lot if you really want to finish the contest
And you’ll get a lot more scraps, diamonds and other cool stuff for free


Lazy hmmmm

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Nevermind adding to the fact if that comes around again theyll bag all those juicy essence crits to be found down there
Oh how i love that new addition to dungeon :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


You must not blink if you could get that done in 9 hours. I ran for a good half hour and didn’t even get a million points so I stopped and went with stamina.

After that I calculated an average floor and it came out to 30k for about 2 minutes per floor. Sorry but no one has time for that.

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3 hours a day for 3 1/2 days?!?!? Over a weekend too !??!?!
Are you mad?!?!



i dont do dungeon that quick, 1000 floors 9 hours? Not a chance. Cotton, are you a wizard? I sense yer the PQ dungeon maester.

Jokes aside, f hate dungeon plus i’m not in the elite server 1-4, we don’t get much goodies per floor as you do.


Yes, @Cottontail is our dungeon wizard :yum:

Btw, that’s how deep Cottontail is in dungeon :see_no_evil:

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Holy moly :astonished:

No wonder :joy: us common folks can only wait for the sweet stam packs deals, no way in the hell I’ll spend that much time in dungeon, my wife will divorce me! XD XD

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Thanks to Cotton’s tips I got through dungeon when I just started playing. Hats off to the dungeon guru :slight_smile:

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We wouldn’t want that :joy:

But if you are farther down than floor 70 & have a good amount of torches & raid tickets, you can raid your way through :wink:

I raided so much on the weekend that I’m finally able to claim my daily torches again :joy::joy::joy:

I used 950 Stam packs with double drops and everything else and only end up getting like the second progress reward also spent time in the dungeon too… I’m sure if you had everything maxed and could waste all your stamina on just farming points on quests you didn’t need gear from them out was an easy contest… But it was definitely a horrible score system for no/low spenders that need the progressions the most to be able to keep up the little bit that we can… This is prolly an old topic by now but only just now finding time to read it

I always wait for stamina & gold consuming constests to max & gear my heroes :joy:

I’ve skilled & geared up 7 heroes over this weekend the rest has to wait for the gold & xp contest :smirk:

Like this, progress rewards will be a breeze :yum:

Btw doing the last chapter isn’t always the smart move
Because they cost more stamina than others

Some chapters have a 6 stamina cost with a lot of orange and purple

Why would I want orange and purple scraps? I’m a free player, I only level a select 25 heros. We just moved up 5 levels and those heros need gear.

Fix what?

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fixing the update i thing …

It’s probably a subtle way of tweaking the economy , to avoid such a big boom and bust period of the in game deals.

You can tell how far ahead / behind the average player is in comparison to per blues projected metrics by the deals that they run.

When the in game deals stack well and often , and diamond deals are prevalent, then contests will be easy.

When the in game deals start slowing down, stacking less and the stamina for diamonds deals start turning up less, then (metaphorically speaking) winter is coming…

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So they think us free players are caught up too much?


Who said that?? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

There’s another diamond for stamina buy right now!!!

Just two again though…