Level cap increase


What do you guys think about the new level increase on the 2. Server? I am currently kind of sad. I am a relatively new player (started 40 days ago) and currently at level 57(did my dailys every day and so on). But I dont know whether I will ever reach the maximum level. I understand that you have to increase the level from time to time but it would be nice to help newer players with some kind of catch-up mechanic so someday they are allowed to compete with the big boys as well^^


Yeah this has been suggested before, and I certainly still agree with it.

There should be some sort of algorithm where players earn extra Team Level experience if they’re below certain levels.

This allows new players to catch up to old players and paying customers still have advantages over the free to play players. This doesn’t ruin the paying customers advantage, just shortens it.

Experience boosting algorithm can be implemented once a player reaches level 40 (example, not definite). It can also be disabled for any level cap increases (i.e. Current max on server 1 was 80, now it’s 90. Players between level 80-90 would receive no extra team level experience for some period of time (let’s say a month for example’s sake.)).


I play another game with a soft cap where past a certain level we get 1/10th as much progress. It is incredibly discouraging and was the topic of a great deal of anger and frustration on the forums until everyone just got numb to it. But no one has ever gotten happy about it.

Making things proportionally more expensive, as this game does, has most of the same effect, it is just less obvious and doesn’t make people as sad because it doesn’t look like you’re missing out.


You just gotta hop on a new server when it starts out. I have been playing since June, and I like that advantage I have. I bought 3 monthly deals since I started and I’m almost at 87 for level.

It’s all about playing smart. Just doing dailies is not enough. you gotta do them smart. Go for stars early, find a core team you like and max them out. Etc. I overtook someone who was at the level cap of 70 when I started, because of this.