Level up heroes


Is there a faster way to level? I do all my quest but my other friends have 2or 3 teams past my main .


Higher campaign lvls, dungeon exploring and the tower are all good ways to get xp. Stamina should be one of your main concerns because it yields most exp and several items you will need to enhance your heroes.

Do all the dailies, EVERY day. Buy XP with gold when available.

You’ll get there, it just takes time, and some people are just going to be able to do it faster-- especially if they spend.


How do u buy XP with gold?


In merchant and the trade ships. Sometimes they are for sale for gold (most of the time for diamonds though), just check back when they refresh and/or popup.


Also take advantage of crusade shop for xp. 12k xp for 400 tokens is the most you can buy at once from arena, fortress, war, and royal tourney as well. I do multiple shop refreshes every day just to buy extra xp


Ditto, forgot about that. Crusade is much easier at lower levels, so that’s a good thing to take advantage of.