Limited Edition - recruiting 2 new members (S1)

Limited Edition is recruiting 2 new members to replace inactive members who left, level 205+. LINE recommended but not required. We stay competitive (consistently finishing war at Challenger, top 5% of guild contests and PL) while still being a laid back and fun guild. You don’t need to be a whale or big spender - many of our members stay at top level just by being active. Apply if interested in joining!

Interesting. I will have a look at the end of our war. I hope for this posts sake that you win :slight_smile:

Well- sadly this war season the matching has been all screwed up so there is a possibility we will break our streak. Since we were down in tier 4, we’ve been up against nothing but challenger guilds - most ranked in top 10. My favorite was while in tier 4, we were matched with the #2 challenger guild. Needless to say we did not come away victorious.

And looks like our luck will continue for the last round - although we are still in tier 1 (after losses to three guilds currently ranked in the top 10) we are matched against the guild ranked #18 in challenger. Doable but still BS given that we have twice as many crowns as a lot of guilds already in challenger.


yup… that was them (you)

Wow… that was exciting! I thought you had us there. We left a lot of rems as well… too often that seems to make the difference.

And our Challenger streak continues! :smiley:

Can’t believe how awful we were then. Creds to you guys, you did amazing.

The challenger streak does indeed continue :wink: