Line requirement?


This may sound weird lol but while i’ve Been guild shopping I’ve seen a lot asking for a mandatory “line requirement” before you can join? I’ve been playing for awhile now and my current guild did not ask for this. What exactly is this and how do you set one? Thanks in advance!


Line is an application you can download on your app store.

Line is used for group communication.


Line is just an app for improved communication between guild members.


Thanks for the clarification! :blush:


So is microphones and headphones required for this or is it some other special aspect within the app that allows communication?


It’s just a chat app. It does have a voice calling feature but next to no one actually uses it.

Think of it like a group text.


Easier way to communicate and coordinate war plans


It’s great for being able to post pictures, ask lengthy questions, and just being silly. They have both apps for phone and computer. Me personally I use both sometimes. Makes things a bit easier that way with being busy.


Line is useful, but it is too bad it’s mandatory for some guilds, as some people aren’t able to use it for personal reasons or phone reasons.

That’s why my guild has a line chat, while it doesn’t require people to use it to be a member :grin:


So where do I locate the line app in the Apple store so I can download it?


How the icon looks like

I have android so i cant help. Your guild should help out :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes just type in Line app, and it’s the green icon as shown above. Then once downloaded your guild leader will invite you to group chat and after you join it’s like a big chatroom for your entire guild. I avoided for a long time but found out it is really easy to operate and quite useful as well.


Line is for stickers!

Everything else is secondary


Other apps can do the job just as well as line I like discord gamers chat. For phone reasons I cannot use Line.


Hi I have been trying a social media sites called “band” it allows us to use our PQ names in the profile it’s web based and available as an app for iOS and Android has a slight similarity to Facebook and seems to be doing the trick I have a closed group for our guild and an open group for anyone who plays PQ the open group is called portal quest group (inventive right?) Lol