List of different guild ranks and their powers


@IIIII97 requested an update of this list, so I went ahead and created a more complete list, including the warchief and powers that come with war:

See this image for an easy (but a little outdated) overview, posted by Ironangel.

  • Leader: Almighty, can change the leader. The leader is the one who would be invited to the Discord chat with PerBlue if the guild is strong enough, but can let someone else be the ‘representative’.
  • Commanders: Can do almost everything the leader can, but can’t promote warchiefs or demote commanders. Can post and pin messages to the guild wall. Can delete messages in guild chats.
  • Warchiefs: Can do everything war-related, such as reordering lineups for different towers, queuing, selecting mage tower buffs, surrendering war, and using points from the AP bank. They can also monitor the war chat by pinning or deleting messages. They can also promote veterans, demote officers, and kick lower ranks.
  • Officers: Can demote/promote veterans and members. Officers can not promote veterans to officers but can accept new members.
  • Veterans: Get some credit, but no power.
  • Normal members. Can do nothing special. Can only place their own lineups in war.

All ranks also have the same powers as the ranks below them, meaning that a promotion always is an upgrade.

Here’s a table with the different symbols for the different ranks:
Guild ranks

Ranking members duties
Commander duties?

officers can’t yet kick people from the guild, that’s war chief and up @Helios

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Here’s an updated version of the image Ironangel posted in the 1.3 patch notes.


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