Live Chat - March 10th

Welcome to our second round of the live Dev Q & A Chat!

When will more things be available to the game to do like a new dungeon boss or temples from dragon soul? those we’re fun from ds And made every one work together would love to see new features : )

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Any word on future improvements to xp gains to match gold? Xp is a much more needed resource since gold with very little gained in comparison

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Hey Rabid, lately we’ve been focused on improving the features we already have in the game. We’ve gotten similar feedback from other players though, are you thinking the mode needs to be Guild PvE focused?

Contests are great , guild contests are rapidly swinging to pay to win only. Maybe more variety,ie bring back the dungy contests more frequently maybe

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One of our major projects for Portal Quest is to review resource gain from the various areas of the game. We’re currently working on a revamp of the daily sign-in rewards which should significantly improve them for all players.

Do you enjoy the contests we’ve run in the past that require you to use specific Heroes in certain battle modes?


Not really well recieved in most guild i was in personally. It just became a pay to win also, just run a train on 1 player im arena with a solo toon in defence, very cheesable

I think a good solution would be to open both honour trials daily, rather than just the xp one every other day. The xp gains are great from that, gettin them daily im sure would help massivly. Daily sign in or weekly reward improvements dont help with the amounts required right now i dont feel


How about fixing guild contests. Like waive the 24hr hold in joining a new guild before participating in contests. Or even if a guild is joined n all the progress rewards are completed if the player who just joins aftet tge fact should be able to still get the rewards if he/she spends the proper amount for whatever it costs to get those rewards.

There is good reason this a thing, it stops many of the leeches n freeload players guild hoppin for rewards only


KRISpy_Bacon is right. There is a reason why it’s there, but perhaps we could put additional messaging in the game about that feature to help prevent instances where someone misses out on the Progress Rewards.


Gold gains from fort alone are more than enough. Im still relatively new to s1, an have brought many players along or back to s1. All of which sayin the same things, xp gains arent enough. 100mil gold a day from fort. To 15-20 mil xp every 2 days via trials . Have got atleast 40 toons that are essenced but unusable as the max xp on essence page is currently sat at 148 mil xpn ever rising with each new cap, this is for 1 honour not the 2nd . No amount of money spent or campaign raidin covers those amounts of xp required at this stage, lookin after the new players to the server i think should be just as important as the veteran players, the new players are spendin just as much if not more in just tryna catch up


Xp is far higher required resource than gold right now imo, an would say gold gains are at a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio of that in xp

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Just to highlight, times approx 40-50 toons. Insane amounts that are unachievable

My work here is done

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Also… Edgy*


Two half hour slots, in an online discourse forum to chat to you is not enough time for a meaningful dialogue on either side.

At least it isn’t lagging…

There’s only a few people here it seems, an very little response🤷🏼‍♂️

I blame Bob

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