Live Chat - March 9th

Welcome to our first live Q & A session! We are thrilled with the amount of feedback we received over the weekend about the topics we posted.

What are your main thoughts of which areas to focus on first?
What can we hope for?
Fourth boss dungeon / new game mode??

Where’s everyone else?

Hi mici! :slightly_smiling_face: My question is are you able to tell us how high the max level for this game accumulate to?

Is this going to be more broken and slow to respond than when you tried to use the puzzle force in game chat?

When will you just accept that a discord server solves all of the lag / delay issues?

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What would you like to focus on? I think talking about any of the listed topics would be a good place to start.

New modes / dungeon etc?
Any hopes for anything other than more shiny gold circles until PQ2 is ready??

There is potential for new modes in the future. Do you have any specific type of mode in mind?

Guild PvE.
People keep saying titan temple like I should know what that is.

The current state of resources needed Vs rewards out / progress is killing us :frowning:
My rebalancing chances?


Can you please improve PL rewards? I am not sure why we still have guild icons in the rewards. Maybe something brought up already but it really caught my attention this last PL reward time again. Have been trying to ignore it. lol

What resources specifically do you feel are lacking?

Do you think that adding more resource-based rewards would be more favorable, or would you want to see more fun stuff, like cosmetics?

Contest progress rewards are appalling, for the amount required to get there.

Yes, rank rewards should be hard.
Progress rewards, not so much.

Daily log in screen hasn’t changed in three years, and 160 levels.
Neither has the monthly sign in.

Weekly rewards should have 7 slots instead of five and improve.

The rising stamina costs of the higher chapters is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain 20 war heroes, against how much resources you need to keep up.

Stamina in diamond shop is too RNG based now.
Bring back diamonds for stamina deals on top


I am sure lots of people would be thrilled with gold and xp. That seems to be the big hold back for a good amount of players that I see. Xp especially has become the most important resource in the game. It cost so much to level heroes and level essence up now. I am sure it will only be getting worse.

We are actually working on a revamp of the monthly sign-in system right now that should provide better resources for all users. Our hope is to use that same logic across many other aspects of the game so you can expect to see us improving this in the coming months.

The amount of time to wait before getting items in The dungeons are way too long… Is there chance of lowering the wait time so players don’t have to wait way too long to loot resources in them?

We got similar feedback about this a while ago, we’re definitely looking into ways to speed this up.

War mages.
Do your metrics show that guilds at the top tier are applying the same mages and heroes in their defences?

Do you plan to revisit the buff spiritmancer types got / sparky and their annoying Dodge rate?


Sparky has been kind of awful in war. lol

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Would you say you use War to determine whether or not you want to invest in a Hero? Is War a big part of what makes a Hero good or bad?