Lock pick perk, how much is it adding

Looking at thebperk it says

Does that mean I have a total of 3 now (1+2) and the next adds 3 more for a total of 6 OR I have 2 now and the next step adds just 1 measly percent for total of 3?

The next step adds just 1 percent. What you see in the description is the total for that level.

I recommend buying the perk in this order:

  1. Other perks
  2. Lock picks
  3. Shop discounts

So unless you’re in a very good guild, there should be quite a lot of other perks you could buy first.

In mine most everything is upgraded cept various war line perks and discount ones. I figured it was just +1% per upgrade but today the way I was reading it I thought just maybe it was adding more. I can see some value in 15% but 5% after all perks upgraded not so much. I’m pretty sure we would be upgrading the towers from here on out, I just wanted to make sure.

It does seem like a waste at 1%. But each upgrade makes a noticeable difference. Figure you’re starting dungeon, (reset floor 1 again), at beginning. You hit a trap without any of the 10% lock pick shrine buffs. It’s an average of, 1/3 fail/succeed rate it seems. And with each 10% till capped at 40%, makes a difference. Just with 40% and zero perk upgrades, it’s a very good average to succeed over failing. Though it seems you have 40% because it says so, once capped. There’s a average in programming, that’s unseen. So assume the 40% earned via shrine buffs, is 40% added to 30 or 35% chance you start with initially without any buffs, that’s unnoticed. That’s in the programming. With zero buffs, how could you disarm more offten then fail to, at 0%. So estimate, 40%, and now potential 4% perks, +20?-25%?-30%?,etc. Is really, say, 74%. Or 73%. Each 1% makes a difference. Once we but 3%, Critical success rate has raised a lot more too. Received 2 critical success disarms, on floor 33, during this past Purple scrap contest. 1st, 5 pony shards. 2nd, x20 Murse scrap. Which thrilled me. 2k score! If you, and you’r guild run dungeon. Upgrade traps!!! Even before torches. Will help you ascend higher, gain more loot, and have less disadvantage, from traps negative effects.

Hopefully this clarifies things a bit. Good luck, and keep climbing^^