Lock pick shrin buff

Can someone believe that I played 100 floors to get Lock pick Shrin buff for Portal Lord Quest. And you know what was the result???
I could not find any even after playing 100 floors. Dear Developer If you never put that kind of buff close to 50 floor, you must not make that kind of quest. I worked hard, continuously played for 3 hours floor 160 to 260, my eyes never let me to play more, I spend 600 touch lights, and what I get??? Disappointment…
Portal Lord reallly hurts me Today​:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:
Here are some screenshots that I got in 100 floors.

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It maxes at 40%
If you already had picked lock pick 4 times, you would never find it without a reset of the dungeon.

I usually find a dungeon shrine.
Note what the choices are.
Go to portal lords page.
If the option is there, I take that quest.
Then go back to the shrine.

If the option isn’t there, I just pick the best boost, and find the next one.

So much easier.

Divine affinity (1)
Trap sense (1)
Lock pick (4)
Torchlight (4)
Energy generation (10)

And probably some others I can’t think of right now.


The solution would be to reset your dungeon, then you’ll find four of them :wink:
If you don’t want to do that, this quest can just be abandoned…


I had the exact same problem and I made a post about it maybe 3 weeks ago. Hours spent for empty hopes…

I understand where everyone is coming from… but unless the statistics are made clear on how often a buff appears it is a massive pain for those who don’t know… but have to suffer through the pain and effort to make a point on the forums.

Those inexperienced like myself with some things shouldn’t have a carrot on a stick dangled in front of them with no hope of ever eating it.

Sadly the community has said that it’s a learning curve. And I kinda agree to an extent. But there is learning and being led astray.

Personally I feel that the issue comes.up in PL so maybe when you accept the quest in PL the limit is reset again. But just once so you can complete the quest.

I’d suggest adding a hot tab to certain items or buffs stating how many you can aquire and or how many you have acquired…

Example. Lock pick buffs. (3/4 acquired)
at least we would know we can only pick that buff once more and if it was 4/4 then it’s. Pointless to pick up quest in PL unless it.offered a mercy 4/5 when quest was picked up.


Useless quest

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Quest isn’t unless. Just the restrictions aren’t explained well. I’m on your side. It needs reviewing.


If you open epic or endless you have perks at the top of the screen… Buffs shown there
Caps for sight lock pick and energy generation have been in place since th 4th month of dungeon

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If you have guild shop unlocked, you can buy them there too. As long as the quest states “earn 1/3/5 boss key” you can just get them there for skrip :wink:

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That’s true

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Good information. Thanks

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I’m looking for the Trap Sense Shrine Buff now and I can’t find one. I’ve been at it for hours. I need help. Ugh.

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If that’s in endless…
You’ll need to reset as it only appears once in there

If its elite then also reset to find it