Locked into auto attack


Hey all!
So idk how it happened, but I’m locked into auto attack in arena. I’ve tried to unlock it and I get a message that says it can’t be unlocked. Has anyone else had this happen? If so, any clue how to unlock it? Thanks!


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If you’re not joking, it’s always like that. It’s like that for everyone. Can’t be changed.


No :slight_smile:


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Thank you for a concise answer. No it wasn’t a joke. I legit thought I did something wrong.


This was a legit question from a community member. Please be supporting and friendly with your replies!


If it’s a legit question, then why did you not answer it Polaris?

We don’t know why we can’t disable auto in arena, we just see a lock on the auto button hmmm
why even have the auto button in the arena hmmm
We didn’t make the game code :))


Plz don’t ban me ;( <3


He’s got a point…
The question still remains unanswered


Happy to help :grin:


The questions Earlyforcoffee asked were answered by another community member.





If you’re asking why it’s that way, the Arena PVP is auto locked so that the battles will be ‘equitable’. If the attacker was allowed to time their skills, it gives them an advantage over the defender.


Defence would be near impossible if manual was permitted


Ty epic goddess. Yes it was a legit question. Idk why I got jumped on. I’m glad that you answered it. I guess boys are just mean.



Did you just assume my gender?


Oh wait.


I thought I had replied in this thread earlier.

To be faiiiir, it looks like the sort of thread I would have replied to.
Just out of curiosity, what is your level?


Hehehe yeah you missed out…
Tbh though… The arena info screen doesn’t say why the auto exists. May as well have fun with the discussions on here :joy::joy:


No. I assumed epic goddess was a woman. And I am level 110. I’m not sure if you replied to the question. But most people bashed me about it. I thought it was a legit question. Oh well. Have a good day/night…


Assumed someones gender again?

But still funny you didn’t know you can’t disable it even tho you’re level 110

it has been locked since day one hmmm


Level 110.
Hasn’t noticed arena has been locked since they started.

Did you just used to press the buttons and wonder why nothing happened??

I’m finished.