Locked into auto attack


And before anyone jumps on me…

My question about how a level 110 player hasn’t noticed the locked arena before now is a legit question from a community member.

I hope people are supporting and friendly in any responses to this.


Could be that she didn’t know manual before and only recently began learning how to proficiently use it. Never noticed before, because she always fought on auto


Thank you goddess. Idk why everyone is ripping me. Of course I noticed since day 1. I didn’t understand why. And after everyone tore me up they wanted to know why as well! This is called a “community”. Of all of the posters, maybe only u know what that means haha. Oh well. And yay update the other day. Finally can keep leveling up. Got to 113 woohoo. So maybe if I have another question I’ll pose it to you. Then put on my “mean people suck” tee shirt heehee. Have a beautiful day.


In my experience , it’s the mean people that don’t suck… :wink:


I’m sorry to disagree. Besides this has gotten way off topic and out of control. Yes mean people suck. Btw I wasn’t directing that post to you.


Then who is the post directed at?

You can’t take your statement back after someone call you out hmmmm


You’ll probably say me after I just confronted you :slight_smile:


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Some (a lot) of that doesn’t make sense

A lot of topics are categorized as non-pq-related

So you chill boy


What’s her name?

I’m so crushed :frowning: