Locked out of game since last update

Since this last update I can’t open the game. Faustrating…


Same here!

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It is back up now friends.

Yep. I can’t log in either.

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Must be your time zone

Still can’t even after the notification that servers are back on.

Same here, had the notification but app doesn’t load further than Creating World

Does the time zone affect logging on?

Please contact us here if you’re not able to access the game:

You have updated the game in your app store, yes?

Just checking, as one of my guild mates hadn’t.
I would have said this earlier, but I was too busy giggling at them :slight_smile:

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I giggle with yee :joy:

There is no update in the App Store yet. It just says open, so, it’s the old one still.

Did you put in a ticket? Maybe a provider problem if there is a difference between Apple and Google stores where such is concerned. Apple is usually a lagger with their own updates/issues let alone those of outsider entities

Thanks just updated and it’s running now.

Yup I’m still locked out also

Clear the App Cache first. Force Stop the App. Then update from your App Store, as Mici said. Let it download and update, then start it.

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I just download from the store and getting in fine

Delete app then reload from cloud.

I yesterday morning the creating world would only load halfway. So I started searching around to find out it was down,nothing, then I went to the Google play and it showed update,after that it opened perfectly, I’m on server 11.

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