Locked out of game?

For some reason I have to ‘download additional content’. Upon trying I just get a content failed partway through - locking me out of game

@Loutre @Samm any word on why?? There’s no update for anyone else

Not sure why you’d be seeing that. Are you still locked out?

Yes. Tried wifi, mobile data but it still appears. Might have to delete and reinstall game

Let us know if that works! We’re not sure what’s going on and haven’t gotten any other reports yet.

Tried that - get back to the same screen with the 1.5GB download

That’s the 4th ascension star ofc :wink:

:eyes: :eyes: Anyone

Finally got it installed. Missed tree of devotion on all 6 accounts @Loutre is there any chance I can get them back?

Also got a brand new alt created for when Lemony’s event hap- … oh wait

Be patient. SPE isn’t till August :wink:

I notice there’s no year attached to that “August”…
In a month, it’ll be “I never said this August”

Ever thought of politics, @Lemony ?

It’s August of this year.

And I think of politics, a lot.

Send an ingame support message please!

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Done. Thanks for reply

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:thinking: locked out but complaining instead of taking it as a blessed break :joy:

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