Looking for a guild (S2)

Hi! I’m a level 125 player looking to join a new guild on server 2. I’m active daily but I’m a casual player so I’m looking for a guild that’s not too intense and focuses on playing for fun so any suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:

Riders on the storm
I’m a daily, but multi server player.
So I can’t be micromanaged either lol

Join us? :slight_smile:

I’ve been having fun in heroes of asgard since i joined a few weeks ago.

I like riders of the storm so much, this is the third time I’ve been in it lol.
Joined it a week into the server, when it was bunny legion.
Left it to run a feeder guild.
Went back to bunnies when I didn’t have time to run that.
Left it to build a guild from scratch (as comfortably numb)
Went back to gather shards And war and fortress tokens, ready for the merge with server one.

A great bunch of people.
And some very knowledgeable old hands lol

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Thank you both for the suggestions :slight_smile: I’ve just joined Riders on the storm (I know it’s in the middle of Portal Lords but I’ll still have a day to participate)


Woohoo!! :slight_smile:

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How is it working out @LadyDrifter? I’m in a similar situation. Lvl 130. Active daily, but casual, and my current guild has dwindled down to nothing. I’m taking out 500k plus on fortress every day and my guild can’t even finish very easy.

Riders on the Storm are great! Very active & friendly :slight_smile: I don’t know if we have any open spots right now but you can keep an eye out

Friend cottontail, or cooljewledmoon next time she recruits.

That’s the easiest way in :wink:

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