Looking for a new guild!

I’m shopping around to find a new guild to call home! My current guild is sinking - our guild leader has gone mia for 2 weeks with no explanation and we are losing players fast. I’m level 72 and a very active player - I participate in wars, the fortress and do all daily quests! I also keep up on team chats, etc. Let me hear who has openings and see where I can call home permanently!

RHO Neo on s1 has openings

Sticker Squadron might have some room!

Scrubs would be more than happy to have you. We are a borderline top 10% guild right now & if we fill up & everyone participates in everything everyday we could be at least top 5%.

Dont join a “B guild”, a guild to farm players in case the A guild ditches someone.

Find yourself a proper guild that threat members as members.


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If you havent found one yet, our guild Midnight Sons are looking for two more players. We’re active and fun. :blush: AND our leader is very active and invested. :+1:

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Very active guild here with a good amount of women, youd fit right in😉

Divine Vengeance

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Come over to Teen Titans if you haven’t already found a guild, all we’re looking for is team players level 70 and above, our leader is a girl from Canada and we’re fairly top tier while also being fairly relaxed :grin:

I hope they found a guild, or quit, in the last TWO YEARS!!!

If they are still level 72 at this point…
Maybe they won’t be the most active guild member :wink:


Ooooo…bumpers. Mici I’m surprised at you :rofl::rofl::rofl: maybe that semi-retirement not agreeing with you…or just bored and had to let one ripper loose :grin:

Check out :droplet: CrimsonRain :droplet: if you haven’t found a guild yet or if you just need a change. But if you wanna have fun and build up your heroes, come join :droplet: CrimsonRain :droplet:and grow with us! Check us out or message me, I’d love to answer any questions you may have. :blush:

That rain is blue, not red?

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Blue is the new red

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Blue is blue
Red is red?
Huh??? :thinking: :joy:

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Yeah I know. Couldn’t get it to act right in here. Lol

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Dark wolves have a few spots open lvl 45+ if you have what it take to run with this pack then this guild is for you

@Johnsoul It’s better to make your own topic,the OP has probably already found another guild I think :wink: .

We might have an opening our guild is very active and strong we don’t have room for the weak lol I’ll check n see if we have an open spot if your interested, everyone’s very friendly, we all have power of 140 n in red with full honors I’m sure we can help you get up there with us and have fun n meet new great players

This post is almost 3 years old
Odds are they found a guild by now

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