Looking for a new guild!

Come over to Teen Titans if you haven’t already found a guild, all we’re looking for is team players level 70 and above, our leader is a girl from Canada and we’re fairly top tier while also being fairly relaxed :grin:

I hope they found a guild, or quit, in the last TWO YEARS!!!

If they are still level 72 at this point…
Maybe they won’t be the most active guild member :wink:


Ooooo…bumpers. Mici I’m surprised at you :rofl::rofl::rofl: maybe that semi-retirement not agreeing with you…or just bored and had to let one ripper loose :grin:

Check out :droplet: CrimsonRain :droplet: if you haven’t found a guild yet or if you just need a change. But if you wanna have fun and build up your heroes, come join :droplet: CrimsonRain :droplet:and grow with us! Check us out or message me, I’d love to answer any questions you may have. :blush:

That rain is blue, not red?

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Blue is the new red

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Blue is blue
Red is red?
Huh??? :thinking: :joy:

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Yeah I know. Couldn’t get it to act right in here. Lol

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Dark wolves have a few spots open lvl 45+ if you have what it take to run with this pack then this guild is for you

@Johnsoul It’s better to make your own topic,the OP has probably already found another guild I think :wink: .

We might have an opening our guild is very active and strong we don’t have room for the weak lol I’ll check n see if we have an open spot if your interested, everyone’s very friendly, we all have power of 140 n in red with full honors I’m sure we can help you get up there with us and have fun n meet new great players

This post is almost 3 years old
Odds are they found a guild by now

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On a different server to you, if you are saying 140 like it’s a good thing.


Teen Titans Evo is always interested in gaining new members who are fiercely loyal! As well as being driven to constantly climb the war rankings! Being active is a must of course! With a well rounded guild, and a reasonably laid back approach, we have great leaders and equally great communication!

We hope you consider us for your future endeavours in the wonderful world of Portal Quest!!!

You might get better results just doing your own recruitment post.
This thread is ancient

  1. Server?
  2. Level, power requirements etc?
  3. New thread


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Misfits s11 recruiting

I don’t do double digit servers lol