Looking for experienced players

Just came from dragonsoul ,have a top ranking acct there until closure at least I’ve started a new guild here on server9 named MOONBEAMS ,looking for experienced regular members who are communicative not trying to get to a number one spot here but at least be competitive and regular play but communication is the key thing I’m concerned with

Don’t set the bar too high if you just started yourself :wink:
You will have more luck recruiting in game, there is a recruit chat for that reason :smirk:

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im finding that out thanks now ive run into limited member capacity and an abundance of people wanting to join …so ive been working on earning influence all day to open five more spots and am very close actually …maybe you could point me in the direction of a game guide and tell me if there is a shards shop similar to ds soulstone shop for the extra shards of which ive accumulated hundreds of extras from the 4 or 5 characters ive 5 starred today …any help in gathering information would be greatly appreciated

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I won’t recommend you to sell your extra shards, you will need them later on in the game :wink:
You can find them under ITEMS…

If you aren’t a heavy spender who raids campaign like crazy, endless dungeon is the best option to gain influence (the trophies you find there will give you a fair amount of influence) :wink:

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Starting with orange (lvl 90) you can get your heroes to epic (20 shards 40 epic gear), then you are epic lvl 60… Until epic lvl 109 you will need 5 shards for each new lvl!
Starting with lvl 110 you will need 10 shards per lvl…
& if you want to forge crystals (currently 4 on Server 4) you will need 50 shards for each one…

Sorry new to this posting stuff

Thank you for that info probably just saved me lots I’ve bought a few of them special chests deals and have all but four heros and over eleven five started now and those that are five started I’ve extra shards between 80 and 400 plus per five started hero .those 24.99 special chests were an awesome deal

ok thankyou ,im still trying to figure out navigation in this place tho so ill try not to make that mistake again