Looking for guild *TL84*


Looking for an decent active guild (server 9)

HELP! Need team advice!

Join the super guild.
I’m sure they will lower requirements by one level if you ask Mici.

No forced chat apps or minimum influence requirements


How can i ask them?


Search up Super Guild and friend Mici


That sounds like a plan
I’m heading there soon


Are you an overachiever…lol. Coulda met that challenge on Server 4 before upheaval. Close anyway. TL 240, several mil, 4 digit diamonds , working on red. Biggest complaint…unable to get boss keys by then.


Messaged mici just waiting for a reply


That mici is terrible for checking their messages.
If no red dots appear, it takes them forever…


Does super guild have like a discord or something i can join?


Yep. The discord server details are on the guild wall.

It’s totally voluntary


Join the ANTi HEROs


Join wolverines in the server 9


Join Mici’s Super…or else :angry:


I dont k ow how to delete a discussion so ill just say i have found a guild and joined it. Thank you


You chose well :wink: