Looking for information on the future of portal quest


I just came to portal quest from dragonsoul …and have started two accounts here one on server one ( which I will be searching for a guild to join soon ) and the other on server9 which I started about 6 weeks ago and have just created a guild named MOONBEAMS ,I’m looking for experienced players who are communicative first and foremost ,however before I invest alot into this game I’m wanting to find out for sure that there are no plans of selling out to gree or shutting down this game ( as I did notice that there a couple servers in the process of merging ) and I’m hoping to build a top ranking acct as I did in dragonsoul it’s just over 7 mill total power now but instead of the update gree announced closure of the game completely and after investing over two yrs of my time playing up to and over 20 hrs daily every day in that time and learning as much as I could and investing thousands of dollars I’m hoping to find some sort of confirmation of security before doing the same over again here and really hoping that I never will have to endure the company of GREE again in any and all gaming that I do from this point forward so if anyone has information on these areas and or is looking for similar in a laid back but competitive guild I’d like to hear from them please


You forgot to add full stops :slight_smile:

As far as I’m aware, there are no sales plans ;p


We expect to continue to run Portal Quest for a long time and welcome all of our DragonSoul family back. A new server will be opening in about 3 weeks.


Awesome to hear :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


New server in three weeks.
Awesome to hear.

Pick one.



New server or recycled…lol



20 character limit


Best. Post. Ever.


If you want someone to help you by answering your question then the least you can do is make your post presentable. Why should we help you when you clearly don’t respect us?

If you’re comfortable with the way you type then why do you care what random people on the internet think about it?


well as you noticed my snide comments then you should realise there wasnt much useful in them …just as the response i received from the grammar police …heres something for you to ponder i was told when i was young …if you have nothing nice to say say nothing at all or if you have nothing useful to contribute keep quiet and watch and maybe youll learn something …and as forresst gump said thats all i have to say about that ;):wink:


I think we learned enough today.

Thank you for the lesson.


thankyou for your response that at least was useful information also im glad to hear that


Amusingly the person you ranted at answered your question lol


I’m going to just assume you’re moaning at me.

I would just rather spend 10 seconds reading something that makes sense than spend 10 minutes trying to work out your point.

But hey ho, that’s just me. At least you got your answer from the Dev :slight_smile:


Yeah, not going to read nor respond to this with anything helpful. There are many people here who have a lot of wisdom and knowledge about the game and love to help. But unpunctuated text walls make that a little more time consuming than I’m willing to invest.


Ace ventura springs to mind whenever I see those kind of speeches…

Take a deep breath and go for it no pauses :joy::joy:


Cellphone games are by their nature mercurial and ephemeral. I’m new to this specific game, and I like it so far, but don’t ever “invest” in a mobile game like you’ll get something back (monetarily), or let it become your life—like it could never possibly go away.

I don’t know what Dragonsouls is but mobile games tend to do the ‘padlocked door with a note’ version of closing down, with no notice.


To be faiiiir…
Dragon soul gave everyone several months notice.

That’s a lot more notice than most people get.
Most people get
"Mind that bus"
"What bus?"


I guess…

Nobody cares


This right here I respect that view. And yes you are right on at point… And then in the same sentence I will say… The fun we have with sarcasm is worth it sometimes… Only sometimes :joy:

Pantsless peeps potential recruit here :wink:

For me income spent on pq is same as an addict blitzing cash on drugs… It’s a temporary buzz but at least this has a community to interact with… Rather be here than in a darkened room chewing my own jaw off :joy::joy::joy: