Loosing war rewards when changing guild?

We want to exchange some members between 2 guilds. That is, after the last battle of te war but (over) 24 HOURS before first war in new season. Have to do that to be allowed participate in first war of the new season. That means I have to leave my old guild before war season ends. Is that going to cost me my war rewards? And if I join my new guild before end of (old) war season will I get rewards there, or is the 24 hrs lockdown also applicable to war rewards? Summerising: if I go the a new guild and want to be in first war of the season it is going to cost me my rewards ?

24 hours lockdown counts for everything

Most people leave the Person leaving their guild in for the first war of the season, so they donate their points and move during first war.

Orrrrrrrrr they don’t queue for the first war.

Orrrrrrrrr you miss out on rewards.

Most guilds that you want to move to understand this.
If the guild you’re going to doesn’t, then I hope you’re a type A always On person to keep up with them …
If its a proper exchange, just play The First war in the old guilds, movers hit first and then move during the war.

I’d rather lose one wars rewards than a seasons

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