Lost account server 10


Lost my account server 10 looks like I’ll have to demand a refund no login in guild in 24 hrs I will kicked


If you’re missing your account, we can recover it for you. Please connect your current account to a recovery method and then contact support with the name and number of your missing account.


Done but I have a little faith…


The gmail recovery option disappeared. It’s a known issue.


My account is gone, it was already connected to a recovery method, I’ve had it for a couple years now, I sent a ticket in, this isn’t right, right in the middle of war, and right after update its gone


If it was connected to a recovery method, you should be able to access it without help from support.

Use a new (auto-created) account to try to recover it through Google Play, Game Center, or Facebook, as follows:

  • Tap on the Character Portrait on the top left
  • Tap on Accounts
  • Tap on “Lost Account?”
  • Connect to the same services as your old account

If that does not recover your account, please add a recovery method to this new (auto-created) account. It is important to add a recovery method to this new account as it helps link the lost account to your device.

Once a recovery method is setup please send us a help request by tapping on the character portrait and scrolling down and tapping on the blue “Support” button. Then, tap on the “Contact Us” link in the top right corner for Apple devices or tap on the “Message Icon” in the top right corner for android devices and provide the following information:

  • Your in-game name
  • Your Team Level
  • Your Guild Name
  • The email address linked to your account
  • If you made a purchase in the game, please include a receipt of the purchase confirmation email in your message. That will help us verify you are the owner of the account.


The issue people are having is that one of the android recovery options - gmail used to create the account - has disappeared.


Google has been weird lately. Another Game I play said Google told them to stop collecting Email Addresses so they had to remove email as an option. Big Tech I guess is making a Privacy Push.


Ive lost mine too. My old s3 account still there, but old s2 account dissapeared. As both were on the new server one, find it odd. Logged a tkt.

Edit: There is a semi work around, disconnect google play then reconnect. You can now switch accounts but will face same dilemma when you try switching again


Amen to these citations. The account I started with disappeared and so I set up this one and two others ( just in case ) all attached to Googs ( preferring not to go the FB route ) earlier today I exited forum and game and… tada, returned to find just this one. Oh well…guess I can wait to see if the problem gets resolved or this account disappears, it will just be more time for else!


I lost mine too. Then I found it…and…lost it again. Very frustrating


If you don’t have access to an account, please contact support and we can help!


I did everything you said to do and support hasn’t contacted me yet still my account is lost where’s the help


You can try to send another ticket…
The storm should be over & it’s within work hours right now…


Maybe your last ticket went unnoticed, with all these complains at the same time :thinking: