Lost Enchanted gear...spend $100,000,000s


I find the Enchanted refund for upgrading gear ridiculous to what was spent.

I was spending per “Enchant All”
Above 1+ million each Vitatily/Strenght
~35,000,000 gold

Zero Gold
~9000 each of Vitality/Strenght

It is nearly an insult. Will we loose all Enchanted gear again with next upgrade?

PS: I had 60%+ of my toons fully Enchanted…


I’ve also spent hundreds of millions of dollars on enchanted gear.

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Talk about whales. Yeesh no wonder the game is catered to big spenders.
Surely if PB are getting hundreds of millions they can afford to fix the basics. Lol

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Hate to be the meaniepoo, but this was literally mentioned in the patch notes. Enchantments only last for 1 gear level.
I’m not going to say anything about whether or not enchantments are a fair and healthy game mechanic (they’re not)
But you can’t be upset about something when you get a warning prior and still commit to it.


Yep. Your enchanting the gear. Not the hero.
Each level has new gear. And thus new enchantments.

I’d suggest only enchanting main heroes when max if u are conscious about gold.

I agree it’s incredibly expensive anyways.
Hopefully it can be reworked.

Maybe with the option of using current resources there could be other methods of enchanting.

  1. Being able to add additional gear instead of resources. Each time same gear is applied the enchantment goes up 1 star. Until 5.

  2. Having gear work like hero xp. Everytime a hero is used they gain ‘xp’ for equipped gear in addition to hero xp. It could lessen the blow and need for so much resources.

  3. Have preexisting chests or a new ‘enchanted gear’ chest available. Where when u get a full item from a chest it has a chance to be basic to enchanted. 1-5 stars. I guess similarly to how ranked essences are gained.

  4. Scrap the whole enchanted gear for every level and introduce enchanted heroes. Similar to evolving hero’s to 5 star, using hero shards and/or other resources u can evolve to 1 star again. But hero is stronger and stars are different colour instead of gold. Or keep 5 stars but each ascending star changes colour. (Like being 6 star hero but minimal clutter).

  5. Just having epic gear enchanted. Each level can be enchanted. But once you level up epic gear it’s removed. Similarly to current system. Just means u need to focus on 1 gear item per hero instead of 6.

  6. Enchanting crystals instead of gear. Crystals don’t change as you level. Give crystals ranks like stars. Crystals and gear share similar stat boosts. Use similar resources but are more permanent.

Just a few ideas.
Welcome to add or discuss any thoughts.

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Umm… I spend and I can’t keep up. Not spending more to keep up either. In fact, now I’m going to spend less for being insulted. Apparently, I didn’t spend enough before or something.

Rant over


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