Love the New Perk for epic epic

This perk is awesome. You can take in any of your heroes to epic epic and have a chance to find hero shards for that hero in trapped chests. Now if it could just become a real thing.

It’s not a bad perk.

I have one question.

Do you actually get many trapped chests in epic dungeon?

I notice them in endless a lot.
In epic / epic epic …
Not so much.

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Not as many as endless. But I do get a fair amount and always at the worst time

To be honest it’s been that long since I have been in the dungeon without all four perks on, I don’t tend to notice when it says disarmed any more.

I’m too busy trying to reach the boss / shrine / forge / exit.

Repeat until you fall asleep.
A perk like this, or even one that doubled epic drops from bosses and stacked with favour (like you asked for before) would be nice.

More epic shards are always good :slight_smile:

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I would just love another option to get shards for heroes without having to spend so much in real money or diamonds. I thought the silver hero chests were a great addition to the game, but those still cost alot of money and they are saturated with EVERY hero and never the one you need. It would be cool to take in heroes to epic dungeon and not only get epic scraps for those heroes, but also the other part of what you need for epic skills.

And it’s not like ppl can abuse it. It would just work the same way epic scraps do. Seems like it could be a simple addition that could really help the game and its players

We do not have this perk???

We had this instead


Lmfao. Wtf is that?

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You tell me??
It does bugger all as far as i can tell

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It’s a perk that was supposed to be hidden for another 6 weeks. Rather than get rid of it, they changed the text.

As for the topic: This is a lovely perk, but I’m sure it can be improved one way or another.

Done on my phone. Wont be downloading anything else to make joke photoshop pics. PQ takes up too much room on my phone as it is

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