Mage towers in war effectiveness

Why is there even the mage tower illusion put in war? They serve no purpose. I have never noticed an increase in attack speed, difference in fury’s 40 percent attack reduction, or focus defending heroes being more effective. Just lost a war to a team who went straight for the keep, it worked for them. Because they used the same stupid lineup with 4 freaking fury heroes against best defense lines. Btw we had mage with fury 40% attackers less effective on. Please fix or do away with illusion. Or explain how I should be able to tell difference

I have none.

Oh, okay…
Perhaps try the energy drain mage perk.
You won’t notice a difference , but trust me your opponents do.

Or just don’t set any.
If they don’t do anything, then your opponents won’t notice :slight_smile:

You’re asking how you will see the difference.
But your perks are in place for your opponents attacks.

Here is how to see the difference:

  1. Fight war.
  2. Take all mages down in war.
  3. Attack lines in keep after that.
  4. Spar the same war.
  5. Attack the keep line with the same heroes.
  6. See the difference that the three mages being up makes, compared to when they were down.

You’re welcome.

Lion Axe Valkyrie Pixie Serpent is not a stupid lineup of 4 fury heroes. It is a crucial meta used by top s1 guilds. The lion negates many opponent moves at the start of battle (think empress furr), serpent charges the pixie and lion for wave 2, pixie mitigates your entire team (if it doesn’t have basher), axe stuns/tanks/hits like a truck, and Valkyrie protects the backline and resupplies their energy, not to mention is the prime damage source that serpent spreads all over the opposing team.

Bottom line is your opponent had a warchief who mostly understood what he was doing with those meta lines, and your team didn’t. If mage towers were ineffective you’d have a lower clean rate and would’ve thought to shoot straight for the keep as well!

Wow, wrish.
Harsh, but fair.

At least I helped a bit :slight_smile:

Gracias wrish…jefe de guerra no… Comandante… me costó mucho llegar a donde estoy

Te aseguro que se lo que hice perfectamente,estabamos entre los 10 mejores gremios luchando en primera fila. La diferencia entre habilidades de torre se notan, te lo aseguro. Quizas lo que necesitan es alguien con ese tipo de experiencia… con todo el respeto del mundo, pero tu gremio es bastante fuerte, mas me dolió a mí no poder bajar la ultima torre mago.

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It is a line that everyone uses and stop throwing out the fact that it’s crucial. It’s a copy ,paste exercise. And yes, the others have done a better job of getting members to buy in and actually listen to their leaders. But now we are faced with staying on the game for a 24 hour period to allow someone to attack a certain way when total power and level and enchanting mean nothing to the one true intergroup contest. I’m just saying these mage towers choices should be noticeable VISUALLY AND IN RESULTS

hola salvaje, en primer lugar, mucho respeto. Eras mejor que nosotros. de eso no se trata. después de que derribamos la torre de magos, no hubo diferencia en la fuerza de tu defensa. Es lo mismo que cualquier guerra. destruir una torre debería darle a la ofensiva la ventaja que una vez tuvo la defensa. Este nunca es el caso.

hello savage, first of all, much respect. you were better than us. that’s not what this is about. after we took mage tower down there was no difference in the strength of your defense. it’s the same as every war. destroying a tower should give the offense the advantage the defense once had. this is never the case. This was the English translation

I reiterate:

Take the mages
Hit the keep
Spar the war
See the difference


Bradenator , escucha a mici. Haz esparring y prueba con ellos la diferencia. La más minima ventaja es una gran victoria.

Only the mid mage was taken, and this week mid mage has a weak buff (few more HP on fury, extra damage vs focus attackers) hence why it was probably hard to notice. May have contributed to Outlaws decision to skip :wink:

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Thank you all for talking me off a ledge…

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