Make alts exploitable again

Remove the limit of players that can be in guild (40). For all us with many alts.

Very hard to compile many alts in one guild. Please make this broken feature easier to abuse.

Many of us are hungover from merge. Dozens of accs with yummy merge rewards we can’t exploit yet.

Whale guilds rule over war. Take us back to the good ol’ days where Alt2Win was the meta.

Though some endlessly complain that ascension and purple vials are ruining the game, we all know it’s lie. Real reason why people leave is because we can no longer exploit our alts.

#Alt2Win #AltAmnesty #AltAmnesty2021

This is why we can’t have nice things.


True but returning to the guild cap of 50 would be a good idea imo merges are needed and will be better facilitated this way

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Just make alts. Because their is no cyber birth control method :grin:

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