Make it possible to use Swiping to leaf through Heroes


Would you consider making it possible to use a Swiping action (gesture) to leaf through Heroes in the Hero Management Area?

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Isn’t that the only way to scroll between heroes?

What specific swiping action do you mean
There is more than one

I think maybe left to right or vice versa?

It would be nice to have the capability to pin toons to the top of the list.


Like a favourite hero’s list? I like this idea.
Could pin a hero or heroes we are working on to the top of the list instead of scrolling to the bottom everytime a new hero gets added.


I agree.

Till then, just click on the first hero, and press the left arrow.

Straight down to the new guy :wink:

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YOU are a genius! :hugs::kissing_heart::heart:

Good point. I know I could do that just always slips my mind and tend to remember once I’ve already committed to the first scroll down so makes sense to carry on than scroll back up and do it lol

Exactly - Sorry I didn’t make that clear enough.

I now see that I should have been much clearer about what I was thinking.

When you have clicked on a Hero, to see its details, then I think it would be nice, if you could swipe left or right, to switch between Heroes.

But pinning Heroes and/or a set of Favorite Heroes would also be very nice.

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