Make portal quest compatible with the samsung s20, s20+, s20 ultra

Id expect Perblue to already be up and ready to update their game to the newest samsungs,considering that these are Samsungs newest flagship phones, but when i went to the playstore, it stated it isnt compatible with them!

I really hope this is in the makings, as you can expect alot of players to potentially not be able to play the game anymore, and any new players who get this phone wont be able to aswell… I really want to get back into the game, but i cannot as i cant download it. :frowning:

I can’t comment on timelines for phone compatibility and how quickly a company should realistically be expected to provide compatibility patches.

I can however offer an alternative for the time being:
You should give bluestacks a try!

Realistically, portal quest shouldve been preparing for the s20 launch, as for many of the other games on the playstore… you put yourself way behind as a company if your app isnt prepared for a new phone launch… portal quest was the only game i wasnt able to download on my new phone.

But i’ll try bluestacks… im hoping we can get a date on when they’ll release the compatiblity.

From our Google Play dashboard, we have the device enabled, and it’s showing as compatible on our side. We are investigating why the app is showing as not compatible on the public side.

Thanks for the response! I figured something was wrong :slight_smile: Hope to start playing again soon.

any progress?

I do know the dev team is working on it. When we find a fix, it will need to go into a client update.

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I’ve been playing on S20 for few days and I have no problems with it. Once you get through the flicking screen that tells you that game is displayed in full screen everything is alright. When you see the flicking screen you need to press ok although you can’t see it. Maybe if you change the settings for the game to be displayed in fullscreen you would be able to launch it.

Huh? Its not on the Google play store for me, I’m on the s20+, when I do search it it says “not compatible with this device”

I know I may sound pushy, its just that I really miss playing Portal Quest… any breakthrough to find the issue?

Hey Smart,

Our initial attempt at a fix ran into some issues so we are exploring other options. We are working on a fix the best we can and will get it out as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!

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Im guessing this is more major than i thought, is there an estimate of how long it would take? Missing out on all the new content ;(

Ok so the conclusion is, portal quest isnt coming to the new samsung phones… atleast thats what im seeing, guess ill have to move on from portal quest.

We’re still working on it! We’re hoping a fix we have in the 4.3 update will allow Samsung S20 devices to play the game.

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I blame Bob

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