Manual fighting after gold promotion in arena


I realise you think it’s unfair to fight manual in arena. But it would be very interesting and not near the advantage it is made out to be.


Agree fully with you


Unfair, true. Interesting might be true as well. But I don’t see what advantage you’re talking about, since this probably wouldn’t benefit anyone.
Please clarify why this would be good.


Look at this guy making 2 threads and agreeing with himself on different accounts. Hilarious.

When you’re done patting yourself on the back maybe you’ll realize how pointless your idea is. In the mean time stop spamming threads on the forum.

I’d like to make an actual suggestion that maybe Arena can become a mode where you queue for a ranked match and two players can have their teams fight each other on manual simultaneously? Would be pretty complex though. Only thing is you wont necessarily know the team you’ll be up against. Or perhaps there can be a hero selection/banning phase where both players choose their teams. Still seems pretty far fetched.


Well look at you. Downing our idea and coming up with an even stupider complex one. Awesome bro…simply awesome. Pat yourself on the back too


It would be good because arena is the only place most people care to use manual. Yet it’s the only place it’s not possible


If there was manual fighting in the arena, nobody would be promoting.


Two threads distracting from the horrible scary idea of manual arena.
Yes I would win my five fights against first place.

But oh the horror…

Trying to keep in top places, when the other 99 people in arena can manual against me five times each (400+ fights is a lot of diamonds to fight my way back in… And if they refresh too… shudders

F that idea


Its pretty obvious that allowing one team to manual while the other is auto is in no way fair.

By making my suggestion I was attempting to give your idea some credit by having a way both players could play manual vs each other at the same time, which would definitely be a cool new way to experience the gameplay on PQ fighting other players teams manually in real time.

It is necessarily complex of course but if you’re calling it stupid then you’re ultimately insulting your own original idea I was trying to help improve on.


By the same rationale, shouldn’t manual be removed from tournament and guild wars then since it gives the attacker an additional advantage?


The thing about Tourney is it requires a wider range of heroes so there’s a lot more to think about which comps to use. Same for war. Arena is just the best 5 hero team you can make.


Tournament and guild wars have a limited number of attacks, and you are competing on a level playing field, which is ultimately decided by the strength of your heroes, and your ability to use their skills appropriately.

Tournaments are challenges to achieve the greatest score. Yes you can fight the same person multiple times, but crucially it only counts the highest score.

Guild wars are (up to) 45 vs 45 people, that generate attack points at the same rate (ish, depending on perks). So equally matched guilds have a similar chance of winning.

Arena is you vs 99 people.
Holding a top spot for up to nearly two days.
With a total of 10 fights to do it with.
Against a possible 990 fights over those two days, and that’s if no one spends.

Please tell me you understand:

  1. The clear difference In difficulty.
  2. The reason that it is set up this way.
    (Diamonds for arena attacks cost money…)

So no, tournament and war should not be auto.
Arena is the one place I can’t progress, due to

  1. Needing sleep
  2. Pesky children distracting me
  3. Not having limitless resources to refresh
  4. The vastly imbalanced system of fighting anyone in the tier.
  5. Counting backwards timers

So I’m stuck in platinum 2 purgatory.
Probably forever, unless I forget to fight for a few days.


In arena you just need to give up sleep to promote and hope that other players don’t want it as bad as you. It is a terrible mechanic perpetuated by localized Maxima(everyone in the room gets better together keeping it difficult to promote but also making rooms uneven with each other) and it only gets worse by the increasing promotion times up until you break out into Challenger. You just need a bad case of insomnia- turn on notifications and get back into first anytime someone knocks you out of the promotion slots!! That’s how I broke out of the worst rooms.

You can buy lots of attempts for tournament just like arena, so that point is kinda moot. Higher VIP=more attempts. Anyway, kinda silly as players in top guilds with nice friends having fully maxed out heroes can also post all the lines you are up against and you can practice until you 500 them all ON AUTO.

Sure you can buy lots of attempts for arena too, but at 50 gems/5 attempts with a 10 minute wait (or spend 50 to attack immediately) and the rewards limited to 500 gems at top Challenger payout exactly one time per day- how much do you think players will buy more attempts? Manual in arena would give players who haven’t spent as much or at all a better chance to beat the spenders. It would also give spenders more of a challenge to stay in the top spots and keep them spending more. Seems like a win/win for PerBlue and the players who don’t spend (or spend less) even if they do get attacked a few more times.

Manual in guild war mainly let’s players build energy on the freebie NPC line before going against the real line. Which gives the attacker another advantage. Take away manual and players have to counter better- of course this would make it more difficult for lower spending guilds and the mage towers would probably also need an adjustment.


well put it this way bronze to gold is no challenge but having gold to the top is where top players play and showing skill makes victory better, people are stuck with the illusion that its all power based but having manual can mean that the player can demonstrate there skills and show there worth, also having the arena fight 3 times daily is fucking exhausting because you feel locked with no purpose, i feel it might bring a needed spark back to the game.


How about in the arena if my team of 30,000 power challenges an opponent 1000 power or more above me then I should be able to manual fight or something along those lines…