Manual Mode opration


Hi Guys,

I am completely stuck. I cannot get anything to do with manual mode to work - except for pause, retreat and resume.

I haven’t found any decent videos or any documentation that will help me learn.

Please help or guide me to relevant resources.

Many thanks



If you search “Manual” on this forum, this question has been asked alot. I’m sure there are some good tips and guides in there somewhere


I have countless videos.
Sadly, discord has an 8mb limit, and here has a 4mb limit on uploads.
They are potato quality to fit the discord limit, so don’t want to try compressing them again…

You tube?
I know several players that upload there.
Try searching portal quest manual mode, it similar


4 mb, that’s nothing :joy:
I tried uploading a vid yesterday (silly me), to show how cute a fight against Pixie looks :poop:
So here is a screenshot :sweat_smile:


Thanks for input


So I’ve uploaded a few videos on YouTube. By fighting manual I assume you are referring to using the skills manually?


You got it :joy:


What’s Manual Mode?


Here’s a link. This should visually explain it a bit.