March Ascension toons

@Loutre @Samm any news on the list of toons for March ascension yet please?


Bazooka totem Prince forest hermit are due I think I did make a list somewhere

Id like lion knight

No please no :laughing:

Don’t want the map flooded with lion fur emp lines :sweat_smile:

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We need Sprout, Skelator, Brimestone, and Electressa or whatever her name is. Just get it over with.

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The only toon that matters is Void

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Bazooka and Larry defo

Bazooka Larry totem Prince forest hermit are definitely to be ascended

Grizedale reaper another one to be ascended

Blade’s time has come :grin:

Brutal Axe, Howling Claw or Grave Wraith !

Grimelda reaper sorry typo and bone baron I will check on axe claw and grave wraith

Sry bud no axe,claw or wraith even lion Knight for that matter
Grimelda reaper
Forest hermit
Bone barron
Totem Prince
I will have another look to see if them other 2 useless birds r to be ascended

What about Twins?

Where, pray, are you getting this info :sweat_smile:

Play the game u will see for yourself

I’m sure you would lol


@SAS_general Nailed it!!!

Oh… Wait…

oh Bruja might be interesting and Medic had always had the ability to solo your teams in war.

I’ll ask again then lol

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