March Guild War

We’re currently investigating the issue with war not starting correctly on March 1.

I hope you are going to investigate who decided to start it 3 hours late with no warning

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You take server 1 down and have accounts other servers but can’t access now because was on my server 1 account with no warning. Now I can’t collect my 12pm -2pm stamina on my other account cause you decided to take server 1 down during this time. Now you screw with not just server 1 but all servers at the same time if you have accounts on more than 1 server and on your server 1 account. THANKS FOR CARING

Yeh, I didn’t get a warning either

What about the blue ginger beard dude who pops up saying ‘server maintenance in x minutes’ in global chat

Or the black ribbon across the screen with the same message

Pick your arguments matey

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It’s Christams in March! Surprises for all of us. Will we have war, or won’t we? To be continued…

S11 gets a war, but not S1! Have to love Christmas in March. Always full of surprises!

The maintenance on Server 1 is now complete, and war is running on all servers. Apologizes for the inconvenience on this weekend, and thanks for being patient!

Hmmmm. S1 still looks like there is no war

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Pesky Bob.

#BlameBob. If only I could blame Bob for lost fights and bad meta allocations! Damn you Bob!


Definitely not a single war on S1.:sweat_smile:

Lets just cancel war all together. More dungeon for all to do.

No wars ever! Peace and Love to all!

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It’s way too late now anyway, it should be set to start tomorrow at usual time


Woohoo! Already in challenger!! :slight_smile:

:joy: weren’t we fast​:muscle: tier 7 doesn’t look any better though

@Polaris anymore surprises for today?

Well I’ve been playing this game for almost 3 years and this has to be the first time I haven’t received any war rewards. I always fight every war and get a good win ratio. It takes a lot of my free time up but always like reaping the rewards at the end of each season, but now I couldn’t care less if they cancelled war permanently. All that hard work for nothing!!. Everyone should get some sort of reward no matter how crap the guild has been. No wonder there are players who can’t be bothered fighting.