March Sign-In Heroes!



Here are your March Sign-In Heroes!

New Hero - Silver Saber

Silver Saber always sleeps with one eye open and two blades in her hands. As a child, she was picked last for all the scouting parties. She never forgets this…or forgives.

Silver Sabers is a Back-Line Damage Finesse Hero who will be the March Sign in Hero on Server 1.


Shadow Strike
Silver Saber appears from the shadows to strike her closest enemy with a vicious blow that deals damage and has a chance to Crit.

Shadow Master
At the beginning of battle, fades into the shadows becoming untargetable until reaching the enemy backline. This Hero continues to prioritize backline enemies with their attacks for the remainder of the wave.

Elusive Sigil
Silver Saber enters a focused state. She is Blessed and dodges all incoming attacks and skills during this time. When the sigil ends she performs a lethal strike against her next target.

Cut Down
This Hero deals extra damage to targets based on how much Current Health they have.


Warrior’s Braid
Elven warriors add a decoration to their braid for every major victory. A gem represents besting a mighty warrior. A ring…that means a dragon.

Shadow Strike deals additional damage and now targets the enemy with the least amount of health. Silver Saber also gains energy if the enemy is slain from this strike.

March Sign-In Heroes

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops/Chests have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1
New Hero: Silver Saber

Server 4
New Hero: Spark Phoenix

Server 7
New Hero: Sizzle Phoenix

Server 8
New Hero: Splash Phoenix

Server 9
New Hero: Shield Maiden

Server 10
Void Caster


Looks good. Very nice

@Polaris alchemist will be move to any shop or to Elite?


Omg I love her!! She looks so good :raised_hands:t2::heartpulse::raised_hands:t2:


Elite Campaign


I don’t like that sistem. All servers need the same update please it is late waste of time. Please fix that all servers with the same update thanks…


Why is server 8 getting splash Phoenix already?? We don’t even have panther stalker yet


I need to waiting for another month for use that hero nah. Please fix that… Really waste my time.


Fix the ofert in server 9 and alls server need the same update…


Make doing Epic dungeons not ridiculous. Too much extra stuff you need to do just to be able to advance on a floor.


Still have to wait for her to appear on server four :hourglass_flowing_sand:

  1. This has nothing to do with the update!

  2. Level up your heroes ( I died multiple times on floor 1, 3, 10 and so on too, like everyone else in the early stages, trying to get their heroes epic)

  3. If you have 1-2 heroes epic it will be a lot easier to advance

  4. Use heroes who give you energy/health(Pony/Ember…)

  5. Avoid battles as much as you can

  6. Use every shrine

  7. Stop complaining


If you want server 1 updates, it is possible to start server 1