Mass destruction


Since Portal is leaving fury for finesse, can mass destruction be changed (including stats and stuff) to be an attacker instead of support.

Support doesn’t do his name justice, don’t you think?


Indeed he doesn’t fit in the support tag by his look.


He’s not even very good, gets taken out by the time he does two attacks, way too slow or should of had something really cool and powerful. I never run unless last guy left


I guess he’s a support because his skill stuns the enemy, so that your attackers can kill them without them fighting back?

Kind of like doesn’t do much damage himself, but has a skill that helps others to do so…

Almost as if he SUPPORTs them? :thinking:


@Sheriff_Tofu_III mass is in EVERY war attack I make on server two and server three.

On server one, I use birdbarian instead.
On server four, I don’t have a decent howling claw yet.

But you really should look at how mass can be used effectively, rather than trying to view him as a damage dealer / attacker.

(Sorry, not EVERY attack. Because I hit more than once each war. But he is used in my a team EVERY war …)


Honestly he’d do much better damage if he stopped pounding the ground like a big stupid ape, can we bottle some of the well water so I can block that skill? That’d be swell!


Or… he could just keep stunning the opponent while my claw eats them?


It is very popular on s6 and it is quiet powerful if you know how to use him


He is very popular every server from three upwards.

Mainly because this guy Isnt here yet :wink:

Then he seems to lose his place.
Can’t think why…


Well, he basically is a damage hero when you get pretty deep into dungeon.


No, swizzy.

He’s a hold everyone still while claw eats them hero.
Stop confusing the issue :slight_smile:


His green and purple skills would disagree. Even the strongest finesse hero will eventually die from a single boom.


Erm. No. No, they won’t.


Psst, I think he was still going on about the dungeon.

if you somehow get vigor on every single floor he becomes a great suicide bomber! :sparkler: :bomb: :sparkler:

Had a good run with just him and swashbuckler once, it was loads of fun.




He never loses his place