Mass messaging to guild


I think it would be nice to be able to contact all your member in your guild at one time instead of one by one :construction_worker_woman:t5: :incoming_envelope:


I guess that’s what the guild wall is for


I’ve found there are some that don’t really read or check chats for some reason so a message might stand out more. Not sure why people join a guild and then just do whatever the hell they want and ignore the rest of the guild but it does happen.

I would just be happy if we could send a message to people without having to add them to your friend list first. It would alleviate the problem I mentioned above.


I agree with this. I also think that members should be set up to automatically have guild leader on friends list (like a spot that specifically allows guild leaders to message any member of guild individually even without having them accept friend requests.)


I mentioned both of these ideas in my thread better communication suggestions, and Ironangel said somewhere that such feedback was sent to the developers team.