Mercenaries hire


This might seem a silly question but if a mercenary is hired several times in the fortress does whoever posted it get paid more than once


Don’t get paid for fort hires. Only crusade hires that cost the other person gold


If you do hire a hero though in Fortress an amount is taken from your total gold earned and evaporates…
As seen here


So that explains that then…


You do get paid for fortress hires. Not by person using mercenary


No you don’t.
You get paid for crusade hires


Nope that’s fiction
:joy::joy: no gold earned by anyone for the hire… Whether it be the one who hires or the one whose toon is hired… All lose out on that gold as seen in my ss… :angry: lost over 150k gold because I hired dragoon, no one got paid for that


Fortress pays 4x power. A display bug occurs when the enemy spawns minions. The gold that minions drop is what actually evaporates.


Well now I’ve got something to watch for while trying to kill this blockbuster lol


So what occurs then the times I earn more when I collect then what is up in top corner
Had one earlier…

I collected 1.01 million
Top corner said 965k

Im curious, does that mean the flaw goes both ways??

Didn’t realise about the minions though. Thanks for heads up I’ll try it next Fortress when it begins


Did you spawn a minion, lol?