Merge Deals? Where are They?

So still waiting for those can’t resist “Merge Deals” that past merges have received. With just over a week to merge still not where we need to be. Gold, XP and Stamina shortages. Time for PQ to step up and help us get there. How about some reasonable…and I Stress Reasonable…buying Gold and XP for Diamonds if you won’t give us more to help?

I think the developers have been too busy policing the forums.

Or possibly a worldwide pandemic and protests might have got them slightly distracted.

Orrrrrrrrr mayyyyybe one of my hashtags from last year actually was true…


See you next week :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, they will be probably be assessing it again today after the weekend / contest.

The last week is always the best.

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How nice of them. Right before a cap raise no doubt with another expected right after or shortly after the merge.
World events not withstanding, we all have jobs to do. Giving us Princess Portal shards for contest rewards isn’t indicative of a job well done.

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I hope so. Love playing this game, and i spend money monthly, but right now i don’t feel much love by PQ for S10. They dumped the discord server which we all loved, now this merge with a 50+ level jump doesnt cut it. Thinking the last game i played by PerBlue… "Greed for Glory " is becoming their motto. I’ve played their games for a looonngggg time and may not unless something changes this week…

I got a mail that said it was to help with s8. 10 merger but when I opened it… I got NOTHING.
How do I get it now?!

I several issues with screw-ups in my account.
Where do I list them?

There are many of us totally fed up with per blue screw-ups… Verging on leaving.
I’ve been playing a long time and once viewed PQ as a respite ftom life struggles…
Its becoming a chore!
AND my health… Although precarious… hasn’t till now kept me from playing hard.

This exactly.

We had an issue on our end this morning that caused some Mail to be sent out without the intended resources. You should have received another Mail with the intended resources shortly after that. Sorry for the confusion.

Having also sent emails before adding the attachments on, I feel your pain…

Gold, XP, Stamina… simple…