Merger, anyone?

We have a solid guild but need more members. Mayhaps a merger would be appropriate? Look for Fairy Knights in game, I am the leader, Rebel Swan

Use line.
Join Riders on the storm :slight_smile:

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I saw that like @Cottontail

Your return to the dark side is inevitable…


:joy: Thatd kill me off i reckon, ive been spending most of my time in the dark working perma nights long shifts

Hows it going though ?

Needs an alt amnesty
Everything takes too long, or too much money.

Really only hanging on because of the people we play with.

So… The same. Pretty much.
How’s you?

Do you subscribe to the theory that the stormtroopers in the first (fourth?) star wars film - a new hope - are intentionally shooting that badly, because Darth Vader has said he wants the prisoners alive?

In later films , their accuracy is clearly greatly improved…

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Of course they were ordered to miss their shots
Why would Wilhuff Tarkin bother to place a tracker on the falcon if they were dead??
On the tantive iv they were accurate as can be decimating the rebels then later on they cant even hit farmboy when hes on a rope swing?? Makes no sense :joy: aside from accidently hits head on door trooper concussion guy none of them have a reason to miss otherwise :wink:

Im doing better, kicked a few bad habits out.
Disregarding all Doris Mantackles advice and enjoying life unhindered by rules set forth by totalitarian regimes :joy: