Merry christmas ember peeps

Ho ho ho !!!
Hope you all have a cracker


And meery christmas to Mary Christmas too. Also fleas onmydog to those who celebrate that :laughing:


After all the trials and tribulations that this year has brought us, I for one felt especially blessed to have this day.

My poor wife.
I think I was more excited than the kids to get up and get downstairs and let the carnage begin :slight_smile:

After the wrapping paper fragments settled, and I stood in the lounge doorway, sipping my coffee, watching my family happily playing “pop up Olaf” , not a care in the world, everyone healthy again and smiling…
I reminded myself how far I had come, how lucky I was, offered a prayer and let myself feel the joy…

Then my daughter stabbed my son with a plastic sword, he tipped the barrel over and everyone started squabbling, so I came to poke fun at random internet strangers :wink:

Merry Christmas everyone !


Merry Christmas

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Happy New Dweedle to all :grin:


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