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Is there anyway to know if your Guild has read or viewed the messages/announcements posted? It is very difficult to communicate to all 35 people! :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

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Line or Discord :rofl:

Not everyone reads guild- and/or war chat


You have to message them individually, through private. Telling them to at least make sure the guild chats are enabled. So they even pop up with a partial sentence. In settings, chat options. I don’t believe there’s any Red for indicator light like how PMs are. Just a faint line of txt in guild chat that shows when someone posts. I honestly don’t think it even works each time. Because I’m leader of my team. I post in guild chat when others are on all the time. I never receive a response. If I do … it’s not often, and usually from the same players. So they probably need to fix their settings to receive at least the partial text of your first sentence… indicating someone had posted via guild chat.

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I’ve noticed I’ve received messages from some. We two and others and I. (Multiple chats) are going back and forth. I will receive the Red Dot Indicator light while in endless dungeon… at least from certain players. But I’ve noticed today. That while I was running through epic dungeon, I would receive the indicator light when a particular Individual or another would message. But when another would… I would never get the notifications. Until I would back out of epic dungeon completely and back to the main area. Then would see the Red Dot. I even didn’t check the message, to see if it would remain if I reentered epic dungeon. It didn’t. It was gone. Yet when those others would message me again, and I’ve already checked the player with lack of Red Dot… I would see he had messaged again or responded. With a number aside his name.

So I’m assuming it really has to be a settings situation… which is why they don’t chat in return… they might have no idea there’s any communication coming through via your select chat channel. We’re a top tier competitive team… and I can’t get everyone to even read Wall post daily. Which would make life so much easier. Yet, I’m able to get everyone to Post the enemy Line, and their team they plan to attack with each War attack attempt. Yet a few sentences is out of the question.

:sob::sob::sob: My point exactly! :cold_sweat: @Marchioness_Dane

@AlterDemise thanks! I will cgeck my settings and private message them as well. :raised_hands::heart::heart:

I made a post about something similar before. Didn’t fair well.
But I agree with you

You will always encounter guildmates who don’t like to chat, don’t respond to you or don’t even bother to read what you’ve posted


Our guild isn’t lively at all :joy:

I’ve noticed my guild members always reply, which is great and encouraging

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