Meta Fighters question

Question: what means Meta figthers.
Who are the meta figthers.
What dos a meta figther do.
Please help me

Meta fighters are a specific group of toons used in War. Each guild has 3-4 metas that they use. The enemy lineup prompts which meta to use. The most commonly used meta is the Sleeper which consists of Feral and Maiden in front with Fox, Punk, and Twins as backline.

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Meta is a backronym for most efficient team available

It’s just a group of heroes who’s skills have a great synergy and can be used on lots of opponents


Sleeper is not most common at red rarity

Un saludo hejosa por aquí tambien…pero los meta son los toons mas utilizados …los que ganan las batallas…un equipo meta no es necesario de 5,puede ser de menos toons pero (gracias a sus habilidades)con ellos tienes asegurado la victoria en combate un 99%…si necesitas algunos equipos te veo en el gremio😁

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