Meta line is getting real annoying


Hey pb can you please do something to fix this meta line in wars. Wars are becoming real boring because everyone uses the meta lines to beat every line. Honestly it’s killing wars. Maybe makes some of the heroes less Op. I know there will always be new meta but this is just annoying at this point. I do realize this has probably already been posted but it’s getting to the point where it’s real annoying.


Making heroes less powerful is never the answer. Per Blue, please do not go back to adjusting heroes skills again. That got really old fast. Meta 1 can be beat with the right line up.


Yeah you can beat meta 1 with another meta. That’s why it’s getting annoying. 2 meta teams are just making wars boring. It’s just getting ridiculous and making wars too easy.


The issue he is presenting has nothing to do with beating a lineup. It has to do with the same lineup being able to beat any lineup in war. Strategizing war defense lines is almost unnecessary as they will just get beat by the meta lineup. Even epic skilled lineups are no match for it.


The problem is, perblue isn’t focusing on balancing heroes. They are implementing new heroes which are overpowered, so ppl are attracted to buy chests or shards from deals. To cover it up, they ask every few weeks „hey how do you like grizzled hunter?“ and of course they already know how bad he is (compared to others). And then several more weeks later they upgrade a few heroes and simultaneously implement another op hero.

That’s how it always have been. Right now they reached a really bad state, with absolutely boring lineups and u can’t use 90% of your heroes to beat it.


the devs are aware of the existence of a meta team. I don’t however know if there is any intend in changing that.


What’s the meta team?

I “met a team” and destroyed them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ginger, claw, goat, satyr, mystic, birdman


But there is a new meta that only I know about. Its a super secret scientificely proven set up.



Might sound crazy but I suggest that for each guild war, both guilds can choose to ban a hero, meaning they can never use it to attack a defending lineup.


That actually sounds really interesting. Although it wouldn’t work, as both guilds would always choose the currently OP hero, destroying a lot of the purpose of having it…


are there goats involved in that “meta” team of yours?


It does. I’d be opposed to this. I mean, I can just imagine after hours and hours spent getting claw’s epic, the other team banning claw and all my time and resources were for not. No thank you. This also would hurt the f2p player who has less overall options. I get your reasoning, but, yeah, no.


That would be a fun guild perk to add or a mage tower. Although with that meta line if the guild decides to ban punk you can just swap in mass d. And that still works as the meta. But I do really like that idea.