Meta line killer mage ! *war drums*


So some people have voiced concernes about meta line being widely used at war and beating everything up.

It doesnt matter how much balances or new toons there will be, a certain combination of heroes might be better than most combinations no matter what.

So how do you bypass this?

MAGE buff effects. war drums again
So how about introducing a new perk for top mage - instead of debuffing an entire aspect “race” you can choose to mega debuff a certain toon. To make that toon weak as a dried out cucumber = shapeless and weak.

The idea of this perk is that when enemies use that toon to attack your defences, they will regret it. But that mage effect should not work against defending heroes only on attacking hereos.

Now comes the interesting part.
Mage effects should not be visible to the attacking enemy, only once the path to it have been cleared.

So an enemy cannot know in advance what toon have been mega debuffed, only by analyzing combat statistics or clear path to top mage.

My thought of this is if you choose to debuff a certain toon, 99% of its strenght (not hp) will be lost and 99% chance for skill 1 to be blocked and 99% chance of that toon crying itself out of combat.

If your name is satyr Fox, you should find this post personal and offensive. Lol



What is the Meta line exactally


A combination of heroes that is killing everything up :stuck_out_tongue:

It includes mystic and satyr and a fixed set of heroes




That wouldn’t ruin a hero for a single war, it would ruin a hero as a whole. I expect there’d be 5 heroes that’d be 95% of the mega debuffed heroes. That makes them less interesting to spend resources on. Which sucks.


I think it’s more a matter of balancing those ‘certain heros’ overall than making them completely useless during a war.


Here’s a crazy idea…
Make mage buffs specific to to your heroes only. Meaning everyone in the guild can change the mage bonuses to whatever they want and it only effects thier teams.
Meaning all sorts of craziness!

When mage tower is destroyed… All teams using that buff loose it just like it works now.
But would mean all weird and wonderful different teams needed.

It’s so crazy… It just might work.
Then again… Maybe not.


Now while I find this interesting. The only thing I would agree with is making it to where mage towers are hidden until enemy has made it to that mage tower… it would prolong wars


That was talked about a bit in season 1 or so of wars. A kind of shroud of darkness feature. Like most RTS games. You can’t see what’s in a tower till you reach it kind of thing.
But… It was discussed and seemed it would make wars more about luck picking the right path rather than strategy.