Missing a shrine - one energy generation


Im one energy generation to short.



lmao that’s a lot of energy generation, I wish you could get them all at the same time from one well😂


Speaking about energy generation I’ve been meaning to ask because the energy situation in the dungeon is getting ridiculous. In dungeon I’ve accumulated 168 energy per square and I feel like my energy isn’t generating any faster than when I had 20.

So first off, HOW MUCH maximum energy do my heroes have? You know in normal games when your hero procs vigor giving 70 bonus energy they’re around three quarters filled by that bonus.I’m assuming thats a full energy bar at 100? So based on that I should be instantly filled at 168 per square - which clearly isnt the case.

Does picking up energy generation also increase your total energy required to cast your skill because it sure is not what it looks like.


I noticed it too. Walking tiles do not generate energy as it should. Maybe you could bug report it?

Sometimes i get 0 mana regen from walking between tiles even that i have 100+ mana


I am in the same boat. If I get the well blessing giving everyone 100 energy, I am fully maxed in the next battle. BUT… with something like 120 energy per square… I can walk across those LONG hallways and get to the room and have my players with almost the same energy as they started with before the walk. Going by what I see… I should have maxed energy EVERY SINGLE BATTLE… even if I go across a 1-square hall… right?




I’m curious to see the response about this, as have noticed it myself.


This most I’ve gotten is that a group of the small squares is considered a hallway. You should be generating once you cross the entire hallway. In regards to how the XX energy per hallway is actually calculated, can’t seem to get a solid answer yet.


It’s not high on the PQ priority list. Epic dungeon generates more energy per square than endless dungeon… that is a fact. And yes, I know endless is 2 and epic is 6… but if you have 6 in endless and 6 in epic… you get more energy at the end of a walk in epic than you do in endless.